Unrivalled Experience with Complete
Quality Assurance

It’s our motto to bring you the highest standards of products and services and deliver them on time at competitive prices. Hyosung T&D’s integrated Quality Assurance programs are sustained with professional expertise and accumulated operating knowledge from early industry experience. Our turn-key services, from design-assembly-testing to installation, are guided by keeping the customers’ requirements at the core of every operation. These values have established our discerning repute and surpassed expectations in quality, feasibility and reliability.

Design Process


Cutting-edge R&D: Our competent Research and Development teams prioritize customer requirements with foresight on present and future needs. The utilization of the latest computer-assisted software & systems for design analysis of each GIS ensures reliability and the highest quality design.

Assembly Process


Stringent Testing: Tests are performed based on international standards and as per customer specifications. Hyosung also strives to exceed all established testing criteria by carrying out additional tests that it considers essential in advancing the current quality of its product.

Testing Process


Sterile Clean Room: As a precautionary measure against contaminants, critical components are assembled in a “clean room”. Components are installed in the enclosure, pressurized with SF6 gas, and all openings are sealed to prevent dust contamination during shipping.

Installation Process


Efficiency and Savings: All components are completely assembled into one compact unit, tested in the factory and shipped in one complete bay, minimizing installation time and cost.

Expert Oversight: Hyosung engineers are present at the destination during installation, conducting precise tests using cutting-edge tools and equipment to ensure functionality meets exact specifications.

Final Commissioning Test: A comprehensive and essential analysis is performed before the final acceptance.