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We are on a relentless pursuit of transforming the world with sustainable energy solutions in the Power System. As a pioneering engineer & manufacturer of GIS up to 800kV, and other scalable T&D technology and products, Hyosung T&D leverages its extensive resources and expertise to play a pivotal role in the energy sector. Hyosung’s Power Systems PU provides a full spectrum of power generation, transmission, and distribution services, from design and engineering to equipment maintenance. Power System PU has been building on cutting-edge information technology resources and developing substation automation

systems, such as power monitor and control systems and early detection and prevention systems.

Hyosung T&D India LTD. ( Transmission & Distribution) was established in Khed City, Maharashtra, in 2015 as a subsidiary of the Korean conglomerate- Hyosung Heavy Industries Corporation. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and creative solutions has been instrumental in earning an irrefutable reputation as the most trusted GIS supplier in the world.

  • Location
    Khed City, Pune, Maharashtra, India

  • Capacity
    636 Bays, Annual Capacity

  • Products
    GIS up to 800kV | STATCOM

  • Supply
    1000+ Bays GIS Supplied in India

#1 & Biggest GIS Supplier in India    |   30% + Market Share

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Discover Our Key Milestones


APRIL 2015

Establishment of Hyosung T&D, India

APRIL 2015


JUNE 2016

Installation & Commissioning-Production & Test Facilities


• 1st Order-Dispatched (420kV, 245kV & 145kV)

• PGCIL for Factory & Supplies up to 800kV Approved

• Order Received from WBSETCL, DFCCIL, GETCO, Central Railway, TANTRANSCO, TANGEDCO



1st Order-Dispatched of 800kV GIS


MARCH 2017

Began Exports of GIS sub-assemblies

MARCH 2017

JULY 2017

Commissioning of 1st 800kV & 420kV GIS, Manufactured in Pune for PGCIL Hyderabad, Nizamabad


Received 1st Turnkey Order for 220kV Switchyard



Awarded with India’s First 765kV GIS Process Bus based Digital Substations at Navsari, Gujarat

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