We are the Forerunners, We are the Legacy Of a Green & Electrified Future.

Over the past five decades, Hyosung Heavy Industries has spearheaded the Korean Power Transmission and Distribution sector, providing transformers, circuit breakers, and electrical units. Drawing on decades of experience in the Korean market, we've ascended as a worldwide leader in heavy electric machinery—a cornerstone of the energy sector. Beyond power systems, Hyosung Heavy Industries is at the forefront

developing essential technologies for the power networks of the future, including STATCOM and GIS.

In India, the emergence of a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyosung Heavy Industries has ushered in a future brimming with innovation and ingenuity.

Our Vision for Future Capabilities:

Hyosung T&D initiated sustainable efforts to expand the capabilities and competence of engineering & supply on various emerging Heavy Industries Profiles.

» Medium/ Low Voltage Switchgears


» Asset Remote Management for Operational Utility’s Reliability (ARMOUR)

» Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

» Mobile Substations Solutions